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I wanted to get something with my money and clicked on it and then clicked out because I dident want it but they took my 100 dollars and dident ship my item because I never gave them information

Needs more offers

This app is good any everything but there needs to be more offers and also I wish it gave money for indoor steps also and not just outdoor


I think they should give out real money

It’s okay

After a long time I wasn’t getting any money and I was super confused so it turns out that you need to keep the app open for it to count your steps.That would have been nice to know a long time ago

Great app

But I don't just know when my order will come in!

Fitness for Walking to Wealth

I love this app! It’s amazing to watch money grow on your smartphone as you walk. If you are a jogger, you can’t keep up with the meter as it grows unbelievably fast. The offers and PayPal cash outs will make you get out and walk for health or just for wealth. It helped me to follow doctors order if nothing else. There are other ways to make more money as an Affiliate. So the Sweatcoin app is #1 for me in 2017. Help me spread the news!

Sweatcoin needs to step up their game

Come on Sweatcoin, today I walked 5700 steps outside and around 2000 inside so I should of gotten around 5 sweat coins according to your app but I only received .81 that’s saying I only walked like 850 steps outside. Pay what you say your gonna pay please.

Doesn’t count steps for rewards

I’ve been using this app for almost a year. All was good until recently. I updated the app and decided to upgrade my steps to a Quacker (15k steps). Since then I have not gotten many of my steps counting toward my sweetcoins. For example today, I have more then 20,000 steps so far. Yet, none of them have been added to my sweetcoins. Almost all of them have been outside steps. I don’t know what caused this app to start sucking but it has. I mean, it gives me credit for steps but none get applied to my sweetcoins. It’s just frustrating. I hope they fix this problem soon. I know I’ve lost a couple weeks worth of 15,000 steps a day.

My Review

This app is wonderful everything about it is nice but there are some things need to improve like not daily sweat coins? ( What is this ) there is a daily coin but there is no daily coins ! But everything else fine


This app does work but it’s a scam because you can’t even buy anything, everything is so expensive on here. I’ve had this app for a month and only made 28 dollars that sounds good but it’s not PayPal or anything. You have to buy what’s on the app. 28 dollars may sound like a lot but everything is like $100-$50,000. Seriously $50,000!!!. I would not recommend this app at all and suggest that you look somewhere else.

Doesn’t track all steps

Apple Watch app doesn’t count steps if phone isn’t with you.


i love the app


First of all, it's a waste of memory and effort. They don't count more than half your steps, or sometimes take away all!!! Next, the $1 of monopoly you hardly make is of no value so you can continue and wait for it to go in thousands before you can maybe get $5 of something worthless. No cash form of exchanging. How exactly do they pay you to walk?? Their dollar is more like 1 cent of exchange. Plus no valid deals. Don't waste your time.


I liked this app until I noticed I only got $1.59 out of sweat coins I have 10,000 steps and I don’t know I just might delete it

Needs work

I’ve used the app pretty much everyday and get thousands of steps a day but it only converts a few hundred and I barely get any coins

Don’t always earn my coins.

I take my dog for a walk around my neighborhood everyday. The app counts all of my steps but it doesn’t always give me coins for it as if it thinks I took all of those steps inside. Some days it works some days it doesn’t. Today I have over 2,000 steps that I took outside but I got nothing for it.

It works really well

I love this app although invites are necessary to get the full potential, but that shouldn’t be too hard if you run in public places, just tell people about the app and you can get the invites in about a week probably. It counts my steps pretty well I think and just by playing around for an half an hour I can make like 2.5 sweatcoins. Anyway if you are thinking about getting this plz go here to benefit a fellow runner. Thanks! sweatco.in/i/zay158793

Cheats you of coins

I have walked over 10k steps and have me never earned more than 7.5 coins. The Shaker subscription isn’t worth it if you have to walk over 15k steps or more to earn it. Today I walked 8.4k steps and only received 4.94 coins for it. It really cheats you of coins. Please improve the GPS reading. And yes I’m outside in the street and I’m not counting the steps I took inside. I have both the app’s and the phone’s battery saver off and I walk briskly also.

Sync to other fitness apps

I really wish it would sync with other fitness apps like Fitbit! My Fitbit tracks a lot more steps the my phone.

Works good in Android but

I use to have Samsung and this apps works like charm, and now i have iphone X and this app can’t work in background and i hate to see force close notification. Make it work in background

Hate that you have to pay for memberships

Was a fan until you have to pay to even get better rewards and stuff out of the walking. Like I could walk 8,000 steps and only get a dam $1 out of this, probably just gonna delete this app honestly. Instead of paying it should be a leveling system, the higher and longer you use the app the better the reward, something like that. Screw paying to have better rewards.

Force close?

It keeps shutting off as soon as I open the app, every single time. Fix please

Wonderful app

Love it 👍🏼👌🏼


I wish could receive real money other than that I love this app. Also since the new update I can’t see my balance anymore. Please fix this problem.


Clearly an effort towards distributed crypto currency mining. Drains too much battery for what it rewards.

Great app

Just leave it running and collect your steps to sweatcoins ? No harm done claim a cool reward after you’ve collected enough coins

Doesn’t count all my steps

I’m not sure what happened but 2 days I had around 3,000 steps throughout the day on both days and it didn’t count them at all. Not to mention you have to invite people just to unlock the easier things you can buy. Haven’t had the app long and was hoping for way better than this. So far I’m disappointed

Needs a lot of work.

This app is great in theory, but not so great in reality. I started using this app about 6 months ago. My first complaint is that when I go backpacking and don’t have an internet connection, it counts 3-4 days worth of steps (15,000-20,000 steps a day) all into one day or just drops them so I only get credit for the last day of hiking when I get home and connect to the internet again. There needs to be a way to store multiple days worth of walking for later internet connection rather than losing the first 2 days of big hiking trips. Also the daily reward (1 sweatcoin) is very inconsistent. It will go a week or more without crediting my daily reward when I click on it or sometimes just wont offer me a daily reward at all for several days in a row. And I am not impressed with the rewards you can spend your sweatcoins on. The same daily offers just cycle through repeatedly that I would never be interested in, and most of them would take several hundred sweatcoins but you still have to pay real money either for shipping or still need to pay for the product itself. Several teas or world box and meal prep monthly subscription offers that your sweat coins are giving you a very minor discount on the first month of the subscription. Ultimately if you use it just to set yourself a daily goal of how many steps you want to take then this app can be fun watching your steps, but it only counts outdoor steps so there again it fails those of us that walk a lot indoors during our work week. After 6 months I have 475 sweatcoins, not including the multiple days of backpacking that it did not credit me, but there has not been a single offer that I have been interested in spending my sweatcoins on or spending my real money on to complete the purchase. That’s the only reason I am still using this app, in hopes that something will be offered that I can spend my sweatcoins on then I will stop using this app. If I could convert my sweat coins to paypal or amazon store credit, and get credit for every step I take (with or without internet connection) then I would say this app is worth it.

Don’t get it

Just keeps telling me to check back tomorrow for new offers


Add paypal. I stopped using this app because you don’t get “paid”. It’s fake money with crappy offers. Add paypal transfer and maybe I’d start using it

The newest update ruined this app

It was pretty good to start when I downloaded in October but recently the new update ruined this app, very glitchy with the daily reward, missing steps, or not rewarding you for the steps its suppose to have counted. This app had potential but really has failed.

It aight

I would love this app if I could keep it open longer than 5 seconds

Super buggy

I want to use the app but there is a ton of bugs in it and it doesn’t allow me to use it easily... FIX ASAP PLEASE


All I get is error... don’t get this app


I think it should count when your driving honestly you need to walk a total of 9000 steps to barely get $4 driving would be a lot better

pretty great

don't see a problem so far


It's an overall good app to get you to work out and stay healthy with just even a walk but it does only give you a little bit of earnings and the prices on Iteams here are worth a lot more than you can earn also it would be great if you could do PayPal transfers

Not worth it anymore

This app used to track all of my outdoor steps without opening it. Now, if I don’t open it and keep it open, it does not track any of my steps. This app drains my battery way too much so no, I won’t keep it open.


Really good app just wasted battery kinda fast


I like the fact that it takes my steps without any effort on my part and converts them to points

Not feeling the update, feel ripped off

I got this app about a little less than a month ago. Heard of it from a friend and I immediately loved it. Got the update and still loved it. Then another update happened where it can detect steps that are false. Which is understandable and great for people who tried to cheat, but I’m not one of those people and still get it. The past few days I’ve been walking and walking. I noticed I had around 500 steps, which were all real and it had only counted 47 of them, saying the rest were false when the weren’t. It also happened again today, checked when I had 2,000+ steps, it only counted 700 of them. So that’s frustrating knowing I did earn them the right way and am not getting credit for them.


okay so i downloaded this app under the impression it would go to my bank account. that’s what was advertised. so when i download it and get to walking YALL IT DOESNT CONNECT TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT OR PAYPAL😂 do not fall for it. cool app tho. but the offers on here are terrible. if it’s not going to my bank account y’all could at least give me some usable offers. something i’ll actually want.

Great App

This app is great and motivates u to get up and active

It’s pretty awesome

I’ve made one purchase on here and it’s a great way to motivate yourself to walk. Just wish there would be some way some indoor steps could be counted.

App glitch

I don’t know if it’s the app or the update but I don’t get money /points anymore like I can have 6000 steps but 0 points /money....my app was fine before the update


This app does a bad job of keeping track of the steps that I take and converting those into actual sweatcoins. Also, the prizes are pointless and don’t add any extra motivation for the user. Next, for a vast majority of the US it’s about to be freezing cold outside and walking a bunch of steps outside is unrealistic - update to accommodate inside steps at least in the winter time. Wouldn’t recommend this app.


Started off good, now after the update I get nothing! I walked OUTSIDE 12,000 steps and I only get credit for 3,000!

Love it

Good way for physical therapy and exercise!


Okay so I love this app! I feel like it’s a real challenge walking 1,000 steps for 99 cents. It does take a while to get money though because I’m a middle schooler going into high school next year and I live across the street from my school. So to get extra steps I’ve been having to walk my best friend to the bus stop each day and while I do get more exercise it is tuff and Grindy. QUESTION:when I’m using the app do I have to have the app open at all times for me to get sweat coins? Or can I keep my phone off (not power off) for the day and when I get back home it will have my steps counted? Becuase I waste a lot of charge keeping my phone on and I’d like to know if that’s necessary or not ALSO! New update (11/13/2017) I have seen that you must be 21 or older with the new update to get your daily dollar and I don’t like it. Sweat coin should be for anyone of all ages. I’m 13 and I just lost my daily dollar today verifying my age. 😭

Good stuff

I love it 😍

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