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Truly amazing

Bla bla bla


I've been trying to verify my number for two days now and I keep getting this devicecheck error 0

It’s okay 😕

Doesn’t count steps sometimes because I’ll have a full day a work walking around but it just decides I didn’t do any walking that day? You have to manually shake your phone it seems otherwise it just doesn’t wanna count steps. The store is kind of mundane as well, there’s only like 3 new things each day and they’re usually a waste of sweat coins. Why would I want to pay sweatcoins for a workout video/routine that I can get for free on YouTube? Why would I want to pay sweatcoins for a 75% discount of some pretentious coffee brand when I can buy my favorite coffee at Walmart? The marathon goals are ridiculous and would take you at least a year or two if your out there walking 3 miles each day. And 3,960 sweatcoins for a $50 gift card? Hardly doesn’t compute, how much is one sweatcoin actually worth? This app is great if your the patient type and don’t mind waiting 5 years to actually buy the $50 valued offers you want. Otherwise it just takes up space and constantly complains when you exit out of the app.

Available store

Hey! When the store will be available in Brazil?

You have a bug

I did not receive my five but it says you receive five but it doesn’t show

Almost Pointless

The science and app is cool, however until they let you transfer what you want to PayPal or a bank account it is if you are literally earning game tickets that can only be spent at a Chuck E Cheese.


It’s a really good app you should get it

App funny

The app actually got me something I wanted, I finally made a purchase of the fitness thing and it worked, I don’t remember making two other purchases but it came through


It’s a good app it really helps but it’s just it should have already had the feature where it turns the coins into PayPal dollars then people would actually get out more and walk or run instead of buying some coffee or tattoos in the shop. I was going to delete cuz I thought I was getting scammed

This app cheats you

I got this app a while back and was on the shaker plan which allows you to register 10,000 steps into 10 sweat coins, everything was great at first and I was hitting the max cap almost daily because I walk around a lot for my job and I have a dog which I walk daily so I usually get a lot of steps, the app kept insisting that I upgrade to avoid losing steps. I figured why not, this I where the trouble began. It’s been almost a full month and I have yet to register more than 5,000 steps a day through their algorithm although my daily habits haven’t changed. I get around 15-20,000 steps in a day. I find it very odd and a bit cheated that this problem started once I upgraded my subscription, I always keep the app open and running as recommended to get the most out of my step count but so far nothin has helped

Link to PayPal now please

I would like to be able to link my sweatcoin to my PayPal so I can pay some payments I need to have done in order to graduate. I give this little to no stars because this is a terrible problem that limits customers to buy items from the sweatcoin shop when there’s nothing likable to buy. Please fix it to where we can link to PayPal.


Steals my steps daily!!!i do 5,000, it gives me like 46 sweatcoins

Step count is spot on for me

I calculated my steps for one given day, both of which were indoor and outdoor. I compared to my step count with the myfitnesspal app, and the step count is exactly the same as of right now. 4,581 in both apps. I’ve only had the app for a couple days, but I like the idea of building a currency for walking. I live in New York City, where commuting and walking is pretty much an every day thing for me.


Not for anything but this app is complete garbage, it says not to force quit the app or you’ll lose steps. I left my app open in the back and it shut down by itself. I walked 10,000 steps today and the app gave me not one cent!

Please improve app

Pretty cool but doesn’t actually pay you any money and you still have to pay money to get most of the prizes hopefully they can improve the app so you can actually get paid for walking like they say


I wouldn’t call this a great app but it is very good. Wish is would track more steps and be PayPal accessible.

Spending sweatcoins on offers that don't work

I'm still waiting on my $10 with the StashApp that I paid 99.99 SC for and I also paid 5 for the 3 months of tidal but of course that's not working either. I'm starting to question the real reason of the app if I can't benefit off of my steps. Feels like a waste of time. Update: it's been 3 weeks and I have not yet received my $10 on the Stash App and I haven't received my refund off 99.99 SC either. I reached out to support and never received at reply back, I feel as if I will be deleting the app pretty soon because they don't really care about the people that are using the app, and they don't care enough to have adequate support.


This app is pretty legit and cool. A great encouragement to get walking and stay active! Thanks Sweatcoin!

Love the idea but...

You guys need a prize store where you can buy whatever depending on how many coins you have. The prizes you have now take way too long for a normal person to get. You could have things like jewelry or clothes.. it would be nice to actually use my coins.

Okay app

Stop telling me I’m force quitting you in the most accusatory tone 😒 Free stuff for walking is cool tho

Canceló mi cuenta

Me quitan mas monedas de la que hago al mes al mes con mucho esfuerzo hago 37 y me quita 30 así que no me dejo nada y volver a empezar .... así que mejor cancelo la cuenta .... y más aún me quita pasos .... aveces que ya voy en El Paso número 20 y apenas empieza 1-2-3-4 y no me repone eses pasos ...

Not worth it

The grind on this app isn’t really worth it because you spent so much time at work, school, etc. and even if you do walk a lot it takes for ever and ever and ever to get so many coins just to get one little prize. And even if use the in app purchases. They are overpriced and not worth it because you could just buy the item rather than just using a daily/monthly pay.

Needs some work

When I first saw this I was excited because I thought it would be great. I wish there was a way to transfer the sweatcoins into actual money. Or I wish it wasn't so hard to get the prizes. They take forever to get and some you still have to pay for shipping.

This is not working

The app does not work for me. When I try to sign up and enter the SMS verification code, I receive the message: The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.apple.devicecheck.error 0.)

I love this app

It does actally work Promise!

Nooo porquee

Estaba muy felis, pero cuando fui a la tienda decia que no habian ofertas en mi region.... vivo en caribean netherlands, podrian arreglar eso? Ponganlo para todos los lugares plisss 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


How do I transfer the money? Great app so far 😊


I want to order the pet box they is 10 dollars and I do not see it please put it back on to purchase it

Transfer Money

Don’t Get Me Wrong It’s A Good App, Just Wish I Could Actually Get The Money And Actually Spend It On Something I Really Want And Not Something I Can Settle For. Can Y’all Please Do Something About This!!!!

I am a big user of this app and have gotten people involved plis help

I love the app I have gotten results from it and I have been able to order something online and paid just with the sweat coins. But I accidentally sent 195 coins to the wrong user because I thought it only allowed me to send it to my friends and the user is offline and I can’t communicate with he or she. Is there any way I could get them back?I am a big user of this app and have gotten people involved plis help


This app is legit and you get a butch of other stuff and this is not a fake comment

Pretty Cool

It’s a cool concept of an app but I don’t like how most of the offers are just subscriptions to things. 👍

Apple Watch?

It’s not working on apple watch

Great but

Love the app and great incentive to walk but I hope sometime in the very near future it’ll be able to count steps while on the treadmill because I get off work late at night and can’t go walking outside.


It’ll take you about 5 years just to get a Visa card of $1000 and I’m in Vegas currently waking about 10,000 steps a day and it’s only counting 1,000 like honestly this app is retarded. It’s a waste of battery and time

Inside steps should be counted

I think that they should count your steps insides not just outside.


I am about to delete this app now it’s not even working anymore when u try to buy something it doesn’t work like😡


Fantastic app that helps motivate you.

Can’t open watch app

It just keeps crashing every time I click app icon please fix


Best app ever


So the ONLY reason why I downloaded this app was because I saw it on a Snapchat story of a friends and so I was curious because it sends an instant message which says “Check this app out it pays you when you walk”. So I downloaded it and then it told me invite a friend you’ll receive $5 so I invited and two of them downloaded the app and told me did you get the $5 and yet still have $0 PLUS I’m a stay at home mom I’m always walking and out and about with my youngest daughter. And have about 800 steps? Doesn’t add up? I’ve had this app for about 3 days now I’m sure using true calculation it wouldn’t add up... Going to tell my friends and sister to just delete the app....

Run swcoin


I don’t like it

I can’t even sign into it I don’t know why but its just stupid

Daily Bonus NEVER works

Always a problem with daily bonus. Either crashing or attending other users all day everyday no matter what time. Battery life sucker too. For the amount of tracking it does (not considering all the missed counted steps) the cost reward for having this app constantly running in the background isn’t worth it.

Best app ever

This app is great and it makes money so easily

💦 coin’t

Cool new generation app that awards $$ for your outdoor steps made in a days time. Can use $$ earned on other sites/apps just by gaining those extra steps you can take in a normal day.

“do not force quit me!!!!!”

the app is cool but it won’t let me power down my phone or let it die without yelling at me. I get a notification EVERY SINGLE TIME the app gets quit. I think you guys need to take that feature off and let people just deal with the fact that their steps won’t be counted, it’s really annoying


Is it normal that I walked 6,940 steps but only received 0.61 sweat coins at the end of the day? The first few days i started using the app I was getting 2 or even 4 sweat coins a day and now its gone to either .38 or .60


This app is great I check it every hour even though there is no need to😂 one thing I wish they would change is instead of adding one new item everyday cycle all of the choices everyday I would like to had at least one thing I want on the daily offers more often.

To sweatcoin

Hello sweatcoin this is Zykeriya n I was wondering if you guys could send me the money off of my sweatcoin app you guys have a wonderful app n I love using it Hope u guys can send me the money sincerely, Zykeriya

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