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Doesn’t show my sweat coins

I have over 3,000 steps and the coin amount doesn’t show up

Tired of rude welcome

It sounds dumb but every single time I open this app it says that I have lost steps and do not force quit blah blah blah. Sometimes it’s not even forced quit. I don’t need it on when I am sleeping. I get it. But it gets old seeing the same greeting. Not like hi!!! Let’s get some steps in. Or anything motivating. Nope just hey lady how dare you not run my nosey gps app all the darn time!!! And then it doesn’t count half the time you are walking outside anyway. I get more steps inside then I do out? So what is the point.

App Problems

I don’t know if it’s something wrong with my phone or something wrong with your app, but when I started using sweatcoins it was great. I really liked it, then as time passed on by I wasn’t getting my coins. I walked at least 2000-3000 each day. and my app was always open in the back ground it would show the steps but when I converted it it said 0.00. The only money I get is the free dollar they give me every day and it seriously annoys me.

Oh so frustrating

I haven’t earned anything except a daily reward because it always says that I closed out of the app and I have to quit first. IT DOESNT SHOW ME HOW TO QUIT WITHOUT EXITING THE APP!🤬 Idk maybe I’m stupid but it’s so frustrating!😤

New things

So like? Y’all plan on adding new things for us to buy with currency? Because the only thing rn we all are saving up for is that 1k Cash in paypal or that IPhone X 🙄🤷🏾‍♂️


This is amazing. All you have to do is walk outside and make FREE money!! Who doesn’t like FREE money?! You’d have to be insane to not give it a try. No card info.. it’s PayPal! I would definitely recommend and sponsor this app!!!!


Say like if I do 5,000 steps. It will only give me like 2 sweatcoins like if I did 2,000 steps only. And yes I know it's a 5% thing also.


I hate this app because when I tried to purchase a dog leash they ripped me off my coins


The only problem I have with this app is that you have to spend the money on things on the app, I wish you could get the money on your card.

🤑Easy money 🤑

Super easy to get money 💰 love the app

I love it





Could be better

Better Offers

It’s A Great App But Y'all Need Better Offers Like Nike And Underarmour Big Name Brands Like That Those Apply To Everyone Cause I Don’t Want No Barbell Apparel Jeans Or Yoga Tight Or Dog Fashion Or Tea


You literally dont make money from walking like they advertised EVERYWHERE!! You make money from this app by getting people to sign up which isnt bad if you have mad friends but in this case its not even useful to me so imma give this a 1 star for false advertising 💯💯

Good, but needs work

This app is a great idea and is really motivational. However, there are two problems I have with this app overall: the steps you take aren’t accumulative, so after the day they’re gone and it only count outdoor steps. The first problem I think is pretty explanatory, the second I’ll explain my reasoning. I’m a student who doesn’t have the chance to go outside during the week very often, unless it’s to go to my car and to walk into school. It is also very cold where I live, so it’s not likely I’ll be going outside even during the week, during the winter at least. I understand the developers reasoning behind not counting indoor steps, but honestly I haven’t had any miscounted steps because of this reasoning. If anything I’m losing steps because of this. I’ll be keeping the app because as I said it is very motivational, but I’m hoping they'll work on improving it and making it easier to earn sweatcoins overall.


This app makes running more fun

Because who doesn't love free money

This app is literally the best app on my phone!! I can't wait to start earning more sweatcoins!

Definitely works for me

This app is worth downloading. I haven't had any problems with my counts. All smiles, I'll be shopping soon as I get about 50 bucks. I'm at $9.00 and it's only been 6 days

Love the App

Great concept, with a lot of upside to it. I highly recommended anyone to try it out.

Not worth it

So the concept is great. Walk to earn free stuff. Motivation to be active. While the concept makes sense, the model doesn’t really. There is a limit to how much you can earn in one day. In order increase how much you can earn per day, you have to subscribe and pay per month. Even then, the rewards you really want are going to take forever to reach. Maybe this will be a game changer for some people. If you’re anything like me, you’re not going to want to pay that much money per month to be motivated to walk to earn enough for a reward in a couple years. There are better motivation apps out there, maybe even invest in a gym membership. Currently, it’s simply not worth your time to use this app.


They need to add the currency stuff so I can put the money in my account after I’ve accumulated enough


Lovely app




It dont do anything yu need to send my money or get sued

Awesome app!!

I Love It 01-22-18🤪

I feel like they want to stalk you

Find we’re u live and we’re u are

It gets a bad rep

So I’ve just downloaded this app and have been looking at some reviews on it and have come to notice that people seem to be complaining about things that can’t really be fixed. While it is true that the amount of sweatcoins you get compared to how much things cost, it would take a long time to get anything that is really good and is worth a lot. The idea for this app is great I’m just a little concerned about how they are going to make money, but all these people writing bad reviews about it need to back off. The app developers are basically giving you free stuff for just walking and all it takes is a little commitment.



feedback :)

This app is very time consuming and being a very bored person i find seeing how many steps I get from walking home from high school is very fun, and my friends and I try to compete and see who can get the most outdoor steps in a day. But the only problem is 2 things. The first one is, please count just about every step!! Because i took 300 and something steps and it only counted 50. Like seriously? The 2nd problem is the offers. Okay, if people are gonna walk a bunch and get money out of it please give out more offers than just ridiculous stuff like dog fashion, analyzing food?!?, and yoga. Like if you want people to actually enjoy getting money on this app then put more offers people would actually like to buy on the offers page!!

Awesome but..

This app is really cool. You can compete with your friends, buy things, and even send coins. Though it drains your battery. I was walking my friends dog for half and hour and my phone went from 50 to 7 while my phone was off. But I still say get it!!!!!

love this app



When does the IPhone X come back in stock?

More payment options

I love this app and I think it’s amazing but I think the payment options should be different like it should have an option for you to redeem ur sweat coins into PayPal at any time and not just buy it when you have enough sweat coins for the $50 purchase and another option is if you want to use your money for other things like buy a target gift card or something that isn’t an option it should be available.

Not worth the time

This app has such potential but it doesn’t count steps properly and only getting 5 coins a day unless you’re a paid subscriber is killing it. In order to get anything good in the store would take years If you want subscriptions make it so if you pay you get double the coins of someone who is free. Caping your gains absolutely kills motivation to ever use this app again. Will be deleting this app.

Does not work

I have no clue if this app is for Apple Watch. Bc it does Not work your wasting data DO NOT GET THIS APP o had this app for two years did it pay me NO my friend had walked 230,307 steps she had not gotten paid so my opinion would be dont get

Trash! Doesn’t give you all your steps

Had the app open the whole time like it said. Went on a run and played a pickup game of soccer today. Steps in my logged workouts was 14,000 steps. This is on the health app off my watch. Sweatcoin gave me 1,400. App is complete garbage!

New Offer Layout Blows

Now you can't see how much an offer costs until you click on it. Please change it back. Otherwise, an ok app.


It the best, I have lot of fun, cool thing I can go buy thing like for free but u have to earn them to buy stuff

not good

i go to the gym frequently and yesterday i got the app and ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes on high speed. out of my total 15,000 steps the app only counted 800 of them. awful.

Account was blocked

So I invited around 15 people in 2 days and has around 85 sweatcoin. I asked my friends if they can send me their sweatcoin if I bought them coffee. So since I got a bunch of sweatcoin, they got scared and just blocked me. If you want to get money fast, DONT DOWNLOAD THIS APP.


I went hiking and logged over 27,000 steps. Sweatcoin said I got 900 outdoor steps registered. So I only got .88 FOR WALKING FROM 10 AM TO 4 PM. THIS IS A REAL PROBLEM TAT NEEDS TO BE FIXED

Great app

Please add iTunes gift card to the offers


Great App!!!!!

Love it

I love it to think that all you have to do is walk to make money


A good app overall


It is okay doesn’t count all steps and it should also be connected to Fitbit because I usually don’t use my phone.

How can I put my money on my PayPal account?



The app is great. Getting paid to just walk is awesome. BUT, the layout of the app could use some work, also would be nice if it paired with things like Fitbit. I don’t carry my phone on me. It’s always in a locker or purse. So that would be really awesome if they would do that.

Don’t listen to the bad reviews

The people who wrote bad reviews basically expected quick money for barely walking. It is a fitness motivation app, you’re not gonna get $50 per 10 steps. It takes work. And it has motivated me to go outside and walk or run. To get to the big stuff, you need a lot of coins but that is the motivation and it works. Also people say it doesn’t count all of your steps. The app DOES count all steps. It send for every 2,000 steps and it has a “force send” button. It doesn’t process right away for cheating purposes. And you get more coins if you walk outside. Also don’t force quit the app. Meaning don’t double tap your home button and swipe up. Leave the app open. Overall, I love the concept of the app and it’s great motivation. Don’t expect it to be easy.

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