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Good idea but fake app don’t pay anything...

No offers for Puerto Rico when you try to look say no connection no matter if you are on WiFi or 4GLTE totally fake! Don’t truly work :/

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Great app for a daily work out and to make a little money on the side go fitness

Doing awesome can't wait for more

I've only racked up a little over $450 worth of sweat coins -- but can't wait to get more swag within range . Just made my first sweatcoin purchase today.

I love this app! It’s fun to rack up coins

If only it could be on all the time haha without my phone closing it. Loooooove swear coins 😜

I love this app

This app really push me to workout to lose the weight

Its a good app, but....

I like the app, it works. But today at work I walked 20,000+ steps. Guess what, only 500 counted. Giving me .55 cents. What? And I know for a fact I was outside most of the time.




Pretty awesome!!! Check it out!

Great app

This app is really good and it gives you motivation to keep going and to keep healthy

Great Overall app

Now I know that it doesn’t get all of your steps, it usually gets 2/3 of mine but in my opinion this is a great app that has a bright future. It has motivated me to go out and run every day and change my old 3,000 steps a day to about 10,000 steps a day. Even though it does have some fall backs I know that they are working on improving the algorithm and soon it is said that it will be a full out crypto currency.


This app is so amazing like bro you have to download it

Inconsistent step conversion

I walk outside on the same trails almost every day. My steps are not converted consistently. It’s pretty frustrating when one day I walk 5 miles and get half as many sweat coins as I got for my 5 mile walk the previous day.

Awesome 🤩💯

Great benefits pushes me to walk more outdoors


It's convenient to use and have on the side. Don't rely on it to get much unless you are literally outdoors most of the time, because steps are only tracked if you are outside. I think it's nice to have as something minor, but it is very difficult to get coins for rewards in general. Optionally, you can try to invite others but not everyone wants to be tracked by GPS for peanuts.

Convert the coins to your bank account

You guys need to make it so we can send our sweat coins to our bank account !!!


I walk/jog everyday. I average about 15k steps daily. I’m lucky to be credited 10% of my steps taken.


Meh it works when it wants. It says it has a lots of steps bc Work walking all day and it doesn’t give me the money for my steps. And the same thing has been going on for the last two weeks I’ve had the app


Awesome app, great way to get ppl motivated to exercise by wali g and count steps!

Es grato la aplicación

Me gusta mucho la aplicación, es interesante cómo está e siguiendo todas tus actividades.

Great app with plenty of offers

I’ve only been using this app for just 4 days and I love it. You get paid great amounts and the items on the store are great. I recommend this to anyone


Good aplication with motivate people to have a more best Health

I have an email!

I don’t use apps that require only a phone number, so I deleted this one in the middle of setting it up. What is so special about my steps to require security codes?!!


I think everyone should have this app and before you download it after reading this please use me as a reference LudaA407307 and if you also write a good review and ask others to use you as a reference for invites then we all win. Hope to see your selection grow.


I love this app, lots of amazing opportunities!


The idea of this app is great! The only problem is that the prizes take months if not literal decades to earn from the most simple prizes like the Starbucks gift card to that ridiculous unrealistic free airline ticket, and if you actually did the math for the airline ticket it would’ve taken you realistically 7 years plus to even think about getting it because it would expire or change by the time you save up your balance. The point is if you want people to actively use this app and actually remember that it exists or keep people from deleting it just make the prizes more simple and not as time consuming to get . For example instead of a $50 Starbucks gift card make it a $5 gift card, it would only take about a week to get rather than 3 months to half a year realistically and most importantly, for the creators of this currently useless app that prize would be actually be used way more often by users which would profit the app and the businesses they’re contracting with. We have jobs, lives, and priorities. The way the app is set up now is as if the creators think that an average person’s top priority is to spend most of their life on this app. If this doesn’t change then this app is completely useless and will be forgotten. Lastly don’t give a max limit of what one can earn in a day, that directly defeats the purpose of encouraging people to get fit, and stop with the inappropriate ads of people holding a stack of cash of $10,000 saying that they got it from this app. Unprofessional and immature and a flat out lie and most importantly a complete waste of one’s time!

Pretty Awesome

If you’re lazy enough you want to get paid for walking, this is a way to go. It gives you a fair amount of coins and you can redeem them in time for really cool stuff! I ordered myself a rose gold necklace with my coins, but you need to be a dedicated walker to get the rewards you want :)


I wasted my day getting 5 sweat coin and tried to buy a mous phone case free but still had to pay for it. Big waste of time. Have to spend 50 dollars on a stupid phone case they said was free and I’m mad this app is trash don’t buy it

Stuff to Buy

It would be nice to have more stuff to buy

Total crap

Ok so let’s say I do the breaker option which allows me to earn 600 game dollars a month. It cost me 30$ per month to do this option. Now let’s look at the PayPal $1000 prize which cost 20000 game dollars. Now for simple math. How long will it take me to earn 20000. 33.3 months which cost me $30 per month 33.3 x 30 =1000 So I would of wasted nearly 3 years and paid $1000 into the app to earn a $1000. 😂 Don’t be fooled by this app.

Brilliant idea!

This app is a genius idea, the entire concept is all positive for everyone involved,.. users, vendors, not to mention free money for walking around!

Awesome app

So many people say that it takes forever to earn prizes but you can’t expect to walk a mile and get free things. Let the app run in the background... you won’t even know it’s there and you continue to earn sweatcoins. Thanks for this awesome app!

Some stuff wont load!!

Ive had sweat coin for awhile almost a year , and for a couple of months now i cant buy anything it wont load!! Ive tried everything!!

Loving it

I was asked to get the app from my coworker and she challenged me to walk 10,000 steps a day. I am enjoying getting out in nature to get my steps in and getting fit in the process.


this app is very great u make money fast and just add it to your card.


Fun app. Has good prizes (sometimes) and kinda pricey but that just motivates you to keep on walking.


God forbid you accidentally close the app for 3 seconds, it lectures you for 30 and probably makes me miss more steps than the accidental closing. It’s extremely annoying.

Good, but has a problem

This is a great concept that has been executed very well, and I applaud that. However I do have one slight issue with it. That would be that when converting SWC into actual stuff, you only have access to a few different fitness related things that I would personally never use. You can’t even get a $1 Amazon credit without recommending it to people who have to download with your personal link. And even that is a one-time thing. If you want to convert steps into REAL money, you have to first get 22 people to download using you link, AND spend SWC 110 just to unlock this feature. Granted, it does also give you $20, which is kinda nice. What they they (devs) are trying to get us to do is put it on our social media specifically, and have our followers get it. This is well and good for a lot of people, but I know I don’t stand alone when I say that there is no way I’m going to get 22 individual people to download this app from me. It’s just not going to happen. So, I stand no chance of unlocking the ability to convert to real money. A simple fix that I would like, would be if there was an OR option that allowed users to purchase it for just SWC, at a higher rate. I would also be fine if I didn’t get the $20 that comes with the 22 invites. As long as I can unlock this feature (which tbh shouldn’t be locked in the first place), I’ll be happy with this app. Until then, you remain at 3 stars. I do hope the devs see this, and sort it out, because it is really annoying to only be able to buy stuff that they want you to buy, and not have an actual profit from it.


This app runs in the background on my phone and I don’t even have to do anything extra to earn! It definitely pays out more than the 65% they said it does! Could use better payout options but I think those come with time and I just downloaded!

Please please please could you bring back the delta marathon offer

Pleased please please bring back delta marathon offer i was saving up for it and in the morning i was so mad and disappointed that it might never come back again please put it back.

Waste of time

I know what you’re thinking: “I get free stuff for walking, who cares how long it takes?”. All of the rewards are out of reach (think decades to achieve for the average person), steps aren’t counted properly, indoor steps aren’t counted at all - the lost goes on and on. The data you are providing is of value, know your worth and skip this app!

It’s a good app

It’s pretty a good app I really like it

I’m not usually a paranoid person

Sweat Coin seemed like a neat app at first but then I realized it tracks your location. Whether your using the app or not. The app collects data of where the user is and has been. I think it’s kind of creepy how the app needs to know location even when the user isn’t using the app for step counting.

It’s a great app! But...

Its a great idea to get people motivated but they should be able to connect your fitness watch with it. Like fitbit, misfit, etc.


Why cant they get a deal with fortnite so we can buy v-bucks from the app or get a gift card

Great Amazing App

If you get this app you will be very pleased by what this app can do for you

Purchases Do Not Work

I’ve had this app for months and I’ve ordered two things and NEVER got them I’ve now just been earning steps but too weary of purchasing anything or cashing in for fear I won’t actually get my stuff


Absolutely positively.... Dissatisfied....i was told about this app and I started seeing other ppl use it so I tried it out since I do a lot of walking. Long story short, even with all the walking I do, the conversion method doesn’t add to much which feels bogus. And on top of that I don’t get the purpose of giving the user “SweatCoins” to purchase offers with, but really they don’t buy anything. I still had to use real money to purchase the product (which I never received). All in all, I think the app is a scam and waste of time.

is it real

do you really get paid for walking


How is something free if it still has a price. A pair of free Marquest Glasses cost 1199 SWC... I’m being riped off

The shop isn’t opening

First I thought it was that I didn’t have internet but it wasn’t the case, I already have internet and it still doesn’t open. It tells me to check the network. What I can do?

  • send link to app